4 days to go

September 26, 2011. Still Berlin. Everything is now prepared: busses from Berlin to London, then on to Paris, on to Madrid, and finally to Algeciras (Gibraltar) are booked. And so are the overnight stays - mostly hostels, though I will be spending a. Continue reading

15 days to go

My Nigeria visa - not valid until Xmas... September 15, 2011. Still Berlin. This post was supposed to read: 'Yay, visas are all set!' Instead there was a little hick-up with the Nigerian one. It's been issued alright but will let me enter only. Continue reading

51 days to go

August 10, 2011. Just finally managed to apply for my 2nd passport. This will hopefully come in quite handy on the trip when getting visas. And of course it is wise to have in case I happen to visit Isreal AND Iran (FYI: nope, both not on the travel. Continue reading