Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1699Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1672Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1673Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1674Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1675Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1684
Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_6080Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1686Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1687Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1689Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1694Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1695
Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1701Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1702Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1704Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1705Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1707Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1708
Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1711Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1713Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1717Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1720Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1721Edfu (Adfu) impressions - IMG_1722

2012-07-15 – Edfu, Egypt, a set on Flickr.

The second of two stops on the cruise from Aswan to Luxor was Edfu (also Adfu or Idfû). The temple, which is about 15 minutes to walk from the quay was dedicated to the falcon god, Horus.

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