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Put litter in litter boxes - Don't step on ruinsGonder impressions - IMG_1120Gonder impressions - IMG_1121Gonder impressions - IMG_1122Gonder impressions - IMG_1123Gonder impressions - IMG_1125
Alem-Seghed Fasil's Castle 1632 - 1667Gonder impressions - IMG_1127Gonder impressions - IMG_1128Gonder impressions - IMG_1129Gonder impressions - IMG_1130Gonder impressions - IMG_1131
Gonder impressions - IMG_1132Gonder impressions - IMG_1136Gonder impressions - IMG_1137Gonder impressions - IMG_1138Gonder impressions - IMG_1139Gonder impressions - IMG_1140
Gonder impressions - IMG_1141Gonder impressions - IMG_1142Adiam Seghed Iyasu's Castle 1682 - 1706Gonder impressions - IMG_1144Gonder impressions - IMG_1145Gonder impressions - IMG_1146

The Ethiopian kings moved to Gonder after Axum and Lalibela and before they made Addis Ababa the country’s capital. In the large Fiseledas complex you can still visit the castles build by King Fasil(edas) and his successors.

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