Lome impressions - IMG_1921_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1911_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1912_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1914_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1915_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1916_CR2
Lome impressions - IMG_1918_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1920_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1922_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1924_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1925_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1926_CR2
Lome impressions - IMG_1928_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1930_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1931_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1932_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1935_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1936_CR2
Lome impressions - IMG_1939_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1940_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1941_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1942_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1943_CR2Lome impressions - IMG_1944_CR2_v1

2012-01-09 – Lomé, Togo, a set on Flickr.

Most of these pictures were taken in the Musée International du Golfe de Guinée. However, the museum was already shut down when we visited with the collection of artefacts from all over Africa on sale.

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