One of the pluses of working is that you may get to go on a business trip. And if you’re really lucky – like me this week – you get to add on a few days to spend the weekend at your destination and see more than just a hotel, a bar and conference venues. My lucky week takes me to Warsaw . The capital of Poland has been hailed as the new hip, not unlike Berlin . I have never been there which is why I asked a few people what to do:

My sister says to go find that apartment that used to belong to this artist in the sixties (or so) and boasts a wonderful view of the city (which you shouldn’t let the current owners know as they hate it when silly tourists come by just to enjoy the view). My sister also says to go see Praga and the Cultural Palace and to eat at that awesome humus place, to drink Polish Vodka and delicious hot chocolate. Last not least my sister says to check out Use-It Warsaw.

So I did.

Use-It Warsaw is a cool map of town created by young people that live there – some have been born in Warsaw, some come from as far as the US. The info is also available in a cool app (including an offline map). Now I am excited! In addition to what my sister says I also have to:

  • check out the museums that open for free
  • get some truly local fare at a milk bar
  • get some almost local fare at a Vietnamese restaurant
  • take the 180 bus
  • see the Old Town
  • hang at a Klubokawiarnia

Can’t wait to get back on the road…


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