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At the foot of Kuang Si Waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos (2017-08)
Dead Sea view from the North Palace at Masada National Park, Israel (2017-01-03)
Solitude in Durmitor National Park, Montenegro (2016-09-24)
Skadar Lake large horseshoe bend, Montenegro (2016-10-04)
Lovcen National Park Negus Monument, Montenegro (2016-10-01)
Carola at Lovcen National Park (2016-10-01)
View of the city and the amphitheater from the castle, Pula, Croatia (2016-08-27)
View of Matera town, Italy (2015-03)
Wart hog in Mole National Park, Ghana (2011-12)
Elephant tracks at Deux Bales National Park, Burkina Faso (2011-12)