On the one hand the Walking Home project is of course a physical challenge. After all 4000 km want to be covered on foot. However, at least as important to me is the social aspect of the venture. During the journey I want to talk with other people about what ¨home¨ means to them. Since not all of you will be able to walk with me I am asking you to join me on travel-b.com:

Your picture of home

Take a picture of what ¨home¨ means to you. Your house? A toy? Your family? A place? What do you need to feel at home? Get your creative juices flowing. I will publish the pictures along my own on the blog.

How do you submit your pic?

  • Post it @CBsoundso on Facebook.
  • If you’d rather not be on Facebook you may also send me an email to cb[at]travel-b.com.

Your idea of home

Your not a picture person? Or you want to add something to your pic? Complete the following sentence: ¨Home is…¨. Just one sentence. When you think about your home can you keep it that short? Come on, give it a try

How do you submit your idea?

  • Tweet it to @CBsoundso hash tag #walkinghome.
  • Post your sentence @CBsoundso on Facebook.
  • If you’d rather not be on Twitter and Facebook feel free to send me an email to cb[at]travel-b.com.

Your story about home

Did you loose your home? Have you been traveling yourself? Are you committed to giving others a home? Sometimes a picture or a sentence just isn’t enough. Tell your own personal story or describe a meeting that has moved you. Of course you may also submit a story if you are volunteering or working for an organisation that works on the subject.

How do you submit your story?

  • Simply send 200 to 1000 words to cb[at]travel-b.com.

I am very much looking forward to hearing and reading from you.

BTW: This is how I see things at the moment:

Home is just another four letter word

PS: If you‘d rather not participate actively click here and check out other options to be part of the Walking Home project.

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