On the one hand the Walking Home project is of course a physical challenge. After all 4000 km want to be covered on foot. However, at least as important to me is the social aspect of the venture. During the journey I want to talk with other people about what ¨home¨ means to them. Since not all of you will be able to walk with me I am asking you to join me on travel-b.com:

Your picture of home

Take a picture of what ¨home¨ means to you. Your house? A toy? Your family? A place? What do you need to feel at home? Get your creative juices flowing. I will publish the pictures along my own on the blog.

How do you submit your pic?

  • Post it @CBsoundso on Facebook.
  • If you’d rather not be on Facebook you may also send me an email to cb[at]travel-b.com.

Your idea of home

Your not a picture person? Or you want to add something to your pic? Complete the following sentence: ¨Home is…¨. Just one sentence. When you think about your home can you keep it that short? Come on, give it a try

How do you submit your idea?

  • Tweet it to @CBsoundso hash tag #walkinghome.
  • Post your sentence @CBsoundso on Facebook.
  • If you’d rather not be on Twitter and Facebook feel free to send me an email to cb[at]travel-b.com.

Your story about home

Did you loose your home? Have you been traveling yourself? Are you committed to giving others a home? Sometimes a picture or a sentence just isn’t enough. Tell your own personal story or describe a meeting that has moved you. Of course you may also submit a story if you are volunteering or working for an organisation that works on the subject.

How do you submit your story?

  • Simply send 200 to 1000 words to cb[at]travel-b.com.

I am very much looking forward to hearing and reading from you.

BTW: This is how I see things at the moment:

Home is just another four letter word

PS: If you‘d rather not participate actively click here and check out other options to be part of the Walking Home project.

Do you have anything to add? Any thoughts on what you just read? Let me know!