The dream of any frequent traveler is to get by without checking in any luggage, because it takes valuable time to retrieve the checked in luggage after landing, because of the uncertainty of whether that bag was really on your flight and because checking in luggage is usually an additional expense when booking a ticket. So hand luggage is the the way!

But just like there was a time when every phone manufacturer had their own charger plug system, airlines, too, can’t agree on a hand luggage allowance. Dimensions and weight allowances vary considerably between carriers. And then there are some that allow an additional (small) handbag or laptop bag.

If you don’t happen to have a preferred airline, you’ll struggle getting it right all the time.

Now Maxwell Scott — an English company producing beautiful, luxury leather bags — has created an app for that, or rather a widget. Just choose yours from the roughly 250 airlines in their database and see dimensions, weight and whether or not you can take a second bag as cabin luggage.

You’re welcome!

PS: This post is not sponsored by Maxwell Scott. I am sharing the widget with you because for someone like me who can never be bothered to scour the airline website for those measurements it’s an extremely useful tool. I think you’ll agree.

The dream of any frequent traveler is to get by without checking in any luggage. Use this handy hand luggage calculator to make the dream come true!

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