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My travel gear: camera(s)

cb 6 years ago
canon 350d

The main camera: Canon 350D with a 18-55mm lens

Photography is one of my passions, and so far when I visited the continent I didn’t really get a chance to indulge in it. Because I came to Tanzania and Ghana for work I had decided to only bring the small camera. And to add to that I recently discovered that all the snaps I took in Ghana have mysteriously been deleted from my external hard drive… This time, however, I’m coming to Africa for my own pleasure. So I’m bringing my larger camera, a pretty standard Canon 350D / Digital Rebel XT. After much contemplating I decided to take both, the smaller 18-55mm and the larger 75-300mm lenses. Yes, it’s adding some weight! But I might only get this one chance… One special feature I bought is the adapter that allows me to use standard SD cards instead of CF cards.

canon ixus 200 is

The small camera: A Canon Ixus 200 IS

However, I am aware that there might be places I’d rather not run around with a big ol’ camera round my neck. For those occasions I’ll still carry my Canon Ixus 200 IS / PowerShot SD980 IS DIGITAL ELPH. At 12 million px and with a 4.0 zoom this is still a powerful enough tool.

I’m not taking a tripod. And that’s solely due to the old weight / space issue.

To make sure nothing gets lost along the way (at least of the really good shots) I’m going for triple-safety: all images will be transferred to my computer daily; from there I’ll back them up to an external hard drive; and the pictures I deem to be good or even better will be uploaded – as often as the Internet gods will have it – to Flickr. I’ve upgraded to pro which allows not only for unlimited uploads every month (standard is 300MB) but also for visitors to see all pictures rather than just the last 200.

Of course I’m hoping that the photos will not only add some nice decoration to this blog but that I might also at some later point be able to monetize them in one way or another…


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  1. TravelAdd1cted 2011-10-06

    hmmm, wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe liegt dein Gepäck doch 22 Wochen im Truck, oder? Wozu also Gewicht sparen? Wie willst du denn ohne Tripod die Giraffe vor der untergehenden Sonne ohne Verwacklung fotografieren?

    1. sundaychildcarola 2011-10-10

      hmmm, jetzt bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob du mich nur veräppeln willst? ich muss ja zum einen den rucksack bis zum truck kriegen (habe ihn jetzt erfolgreich anderthalb wochen durch europa geschleppt :-)). und dann will ich ja nach kapstadt noch weiter. außerdem ist ersatz für ein stativ zu finden ja die einfachste aufgabe – die filter, das externe blitzlicht,… das ist schon schwieriger. aber noch kann ich den rucksack tragen – mission 1 erfüllt 🙂

Do you have anything to add? Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know!

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