Carola on London Calling, CFM radio, Corde-sur-Ciel FR (2016-05-21)

Carola’s Wanderlust Soundtrack on London Calling (CFM Radio)


What’s a ‘Wanderlust Soundtrack’ you ask? Longtime readers of this blog might have noticed that I occasionally like to pinch a more or less famous song title as the headline for my posts. Though I am miserable at remembering lyrics I love music of most shape or form.

So I was quite stoked when Ian, neighbor, dog walking companion and DJ at the local CFM (Cordes FM) radio station asked me whether I’d be on his show “London Calling”. This “Desert Island Discs” like hour-long program welcomes a different guest every week who will bring along a dozen or so of their favorite tracks or tracks on a particular subject.

I compiled a list of songs that have accompanied me on my travels, the soundtrack of the past five years if you will. There was space for some Queen, some African music, my walking-in-the-rain jam, and much more…

Plenty of giggles are a testament to how nervous the experience made me. But I enjoyed getting a look behind the scenes of (amateur) radio as I was allowed to stick around for the editing process afterward, in which — among other things — we cut 5 minutes without losing any music or any of my stories just by adding atmospheric fad-ins/outs.

You can listen to (“Ecouter”) or download (“Télécharger”) the podcast on the CFM website:


Do you have anything to add? Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know!

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