51 days to go

August 10, 2011. Just finally managed to apply for my 2nd passport. This will hopefully come in quite handy on the trip when getting visas. And of course it is wise to have in case I happen to visit Isreal AND Iran (FYI: nope, both not on the travel. Continue reading

55 days to go

August 6, 2011. Still in Berlin. My new roomies are really nice and relaxed. Just what the doctor prescribed... Can only hope that the group I'll join is just as cool. PS: Royally failed at ordering my second passport today when I couldn't make. Continue reading

57 days left

August 4, 2011. Still in Berlin. After spending a lot of yesterday online trying to figure out how to get through Mauretania to Senegal and on to Ghana and on to Namibia (obvious choices would be flying, travelling on a boat, um freighter, or. Continue reading

58 days to go

August 3, 2011. Still in Berlin. Gave up my apartment earlier this week. Moved to live with two nice guys for the next 2 months. Enjoying the freedom of getting rid of things I'm responsible for. Planning is still in a slightly confusing phase. But. Continue reading

About the journey

My name is Carola. I'm a 32-year-old project manager from Germany's amazing capital city of Berlin. This journey actually begins in my childhood. Being born in Eastern Germany there wasn't too much thought of traveling exotic places when I was a child. Then the wall came down, and my parents would go as far as Spain or Tunisia. However, still no traveling for me: I was a teen then and they would tell us kids: "You'll go travel all those places when you're a grown-up."