African Trails truck, Morocco (2011-10)

The joys of camping: Al Boustane in Martil, Morocco


Pretty picture - but you can't see it

Where is it?

Latitude: 35,628630°/ Longitude: 5,276393°/ Altitude: 46m

What can you expect?

Martil is located roughly 8km outside Tétouan at the Mediterranean Sea. The campground is a lot more basic than most you’d find in Europe. So be aware of that! When we were there there were a couple of families from the Netherlands and France but no local campers.

Be braced for prayer calls not only during the day but also at 5 in the morning.


As mentioned above: the standard is much below European ones. However, there are common restrooms (practice you’re squatting and bring you’re own toilet paper!) and (cold) showers. There is a restaurant which is closed during the winter and a very basic store that sells water and such. The tab water is drinkable. And finally, there is (free) Wi-Fi.

Outside world

The beach is just a couple of steps down the street. Ladies, please remember: Morocco is a Muslim country. So you’d better leave your bikini at home or expect to be looked at more closely than elsewhere. Along the seafront you’ll also find a variety of cafés and restaurants.

In ‘downtown’ Martil, which is roundabout 1km away you’ll find little shops and also banks where you can exchange money if you have to. Several of the places are even open on Fridays.

To get into Tetouan take the car or catch either a cab or the bus.

Other nearby sights are Ceuta, the famous Spanish enclave in Morocco, Fes and Tanger.

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