There are a few foods that will accompany you through large parts of the African continent: the infamous roasted chicken, fried banana and plantains; in the tropics, yams and sweet potato. And of course, Africa's version of polenta: fufu, ugali, sadza, pap... Pap might be the most fitting name for the cheap staple food that those who can afford it will have with soups, vegetables, and meat while those who can't will have it as is, with a with tomatoes.

Doing it the smart way I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love my smart phone. However, before the trip I had decided that Africa wasn't the right continent for a device with a touch screen and a battery that could barely survive for one day. I had also decided that getting a travel SIM would connect me to friends and family regardless of where I was. How wrong I was!

Today I'm starting a series of posts focused on travel advise. Africa 360° was my first travelling experience and there were a million things I wish I'd known before so I could be better prepared. I'm writing all these lessons learnt down so I should remember them for my next adventure. And who knows maybe I'll help a traveler-to-be or two to be better prepared...  Sometimes heaven smells like hell [caption id="attachment_1642" align="alignright" width="150"] Camping facilities in Morocco[/caption] Traveling for more than 10 months I have seen lots of different showers, basins and bath tubs.