Got to go [caption id="attachment_1651" align="alignright" width="150"]A very nice toilet in Mole National Park, Ghana A very nice toilet in Mole National Park, Ghana[/caption] The worst part of using public transport is finding the right time to go for a pee. It usually starts with the bus station. Often times there are no toilets. And if there are some, you will be sitting in a bus with the driver saying: 'We're leaving now.' For three hours straight.

Today I'm starting a series of posts focused on travel advise. Africa 360° was my first travelling experience and there were a million things I wish I'd known before so I could be better prepared. I'm writing all these lessons learnt down so I should remember them for my next adventure. And who knows maybe I'll help a traveler-to-be or two to be better prepared...  Sometimes heaven smells like hell [caption id="attachment_1642" align="alignright" width="150"] Camping facilities in Morocco[/caption] Traveling for more than 10 months I have seen lots of different showers, basins and bath tubs.