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Featured images: Casablancan architecture (on globalsiteplans.com)


What a beautiful tool Flickr is!

A few weeks ago Sarah Essbai approached me about using some of the Casablanca pictures I had uploaded to Flickr for a blog post she was working on. Of course I said yes. And now the post is live on environmental design website globalsiteplans.com. In ‘Should Casablanca’s Colonial Heritage Be Preserved?’ Sarah describes the unique history of the Moroccan metropolis as having been designed under the French protectorate merely a hundred years ago – quite a contrast to most North African cities with their centuries old medinas. She points out that while some might want to purge all remnants of that period other Casablancans embrace the opportunity to showcase some of the World’s finest early 20th century architecture.

To read the full post head over to http://globalsiteplans.com/environmental-design/should-casablancas-colonial-heritage-be-preserved/.



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