The truck bush camping in the Atlas Mountains (2011-10)

The joys of camping: ???, Morocco


Where is it?

Very good question!

What can you expect?

This is a good one: instead of actually going in you just stay outside the campground and put up your tents on the sidewalk (because your truck doesn’t fit through the entrance gate). Yup, it’s concrete. Yup, you can’t use any of the facilities (not even the toilet). Yup, you might have a pack of stray dogs roaming around the tents all night. And yup, you’d better get out of there before the sun goes up…


The campground is just across the street. But you can’t have any of it.

Outside world

The beach is really not far away. Right on the beach you’ll find a lovely amusement park. It’s just that you’ll not go there cause you can’t leave your truck and the tents…

Anyways: this was one of the craziest nights I even had. I’m so sorry I didn’t take a picture of us all pitched up under the street lanterns…

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