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Temara Plage Camping, Morocco (2011-10)

The joys of camping: Temara Plage, outside Rabat, Morocco


Where is it?

Latitude: N 33,930014°/ Longitude: W 6,953782°/ Altitude: 86m

When did we stay there?

19 to 20 October, 2011 (1 night)

What can you expect?

The campground is located just a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll meet a lot of overlanders here that are waiting for their Mauritania or Mali visa.


Though the receptionist tore down a wall to allow our truck to fit into the campsite the location is already the highlight – showers are cold and have definitively seen better days. The restrooms are all squatting. There’s neither electricity nor internet. But you can go to one of the restaurants along the corniche to get a bite to eat or just a coffee with a view.

Outside world

The beach is just a couple of steps away. As mentioned above: on the corniche (sea front) you’ll find eateries where mostly locals go. And if you really can’t stand the campsite: there’s also a small hotel. Rabat is close. And when you’re in Temara Plage you’re already on your way to Casablanca.

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