Sticker Liebe - Love in Berlin, Germany (2013-11-17)

I am a solo traveller


It’s not like I don’t like to be around people. When I encircled Africa I did a big chunk of the Eastern lag with the same guy. We’re still friends. I love couchsurfing and prefer WorkAwaying over housesitting. However, finding a partner to travel life and the world with somehow still hasn’t happened for me. I am spending yet another Valentine’s Day on my own.

There would be advantages to travelling as a couple:

To some, especially female travellers, security is an issue. Though I am not too much concerned about that as I find generally people are kind and looking out for me when I don’t.

Having someone to share the load with, on the other hand, is quite a big point for me. All by myself I end up spending more on food and accommodation. And I am responsible for all the decisions: left – right, Italy – India, eating out – eating in, watching a movie – going to bed. Most importantly, as the day passes, I do not have somebody to share its stories with.

‘Wait!’ you might object.

That’s what friends (and family) are for!

True. Some people have a confidant/e that is their BFF or dad or sister.

But exclusiveness. And sex.

They set that one relationship (or series of relationships) apart from anyone else in your life. Even if you’re not on precisely the same journey, the journeys you undertake are much more intertwined. Therefore it is easier to relate. And share the load.

Luckily, navigating life solo also has it’s advantages:

There is no need for compromising to keep your travel companion happy.

I am free to move wherever the wind blows me.

Being solo means there is space around me. I am more approachable. I am more likely to be offered shelter or to strike up conversations with strangers. I am bound to make more unexpected experiences.

So which weighs heavier?

Making more unexpected experiences that no one will ever fully understand as I tell the tale?  Or being able to share less with that special someone.

On days like this I do wish I was not on my own. But que sera sera. And one day out there I’ll find him. And I can’t wait to tell him about what happened along the way.


Do you have anything to add? Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know!

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