Sunset at Temara Beach near Casablanca, Morocco (2011-10)

The joys of camping: L’Ocean Bleu outside Casablanca, Morocco


Where is it?

Latitude: N 33,736562°/ Longitude: W 7,323123°/ Altitude: 44m

When did we stay there?

17 to 19 October, 2011 (2 nights)

What can you expect?

The campground is located just a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean. Though you might find the beaches not exactly suitable for swimming. Other than that it seems as though the site used to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere but now the suburbs of Casablanca are closing in. During our visit there weren’t a lot of guests apart from a couple of francophone couples in camper vans and the usual Dutch… The staff is really friendly and the people at the office speak a reasonably good English.


The campground is equipped with common showers (hot ones have to be paid for – but hey, this is Africa – cold showers aren’t really that cold when it’s got 30°C), Western restrooms (still you shouldn’t forget to put your toilet paper into the bin outside the stall), and a laundry area (you can have the guys at the reception wash your clothes in a washing machine but will still have to put it on the clothesline to dry). The tab water is drinkable.

There are enough, close enough sockets to plug in your van (or your laptop and camera battery chargers). And you can catch the Wi-Fi at the reception for free (don’t expect a superfast connection, though).

Outside world

The beach is just a couple of steps away. However, as mentioned above it’s a) more rocks than sand and b) not exactly clean.

The main attraction is Casablanca which is about 20km away. If you don’t have a car you can either use public transport or ask the reception to organize a taxi you take you to town or even around town (half a day costs around 40 Euro).

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