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African Trails bush camp, Western Sahara, Morocco (2011-11)

The joys of camping: Bush camping our way through Southern Morocco / Western Sahara


November 1, 2011 – Between Essaouira and Agadir

Latitude: N 30°/ Longitude: W 9°/ Altitude: 401m

Rocks & Thorns – my two favorite things to camp on. Those who are smart refill the big holes that are scattered around and put their tents there (me – not smart…).

November 2, 2011 – Between Guelmin and Tan-Tan

Latitude: N 28°/ Longitude: W 10°/ Altitude: 228m

More rocks, but less thorns (yeah!). While electricity flows over our heads we enjoy a luscious  birthday dinner with three types of curry, cake and candles. Life’s sweet (though dirty…)

November 3, 2011 – Past Layounne

Latitude: N 28°/ Longitude: W 13°/ Altitude: 70m

Yes, this is the dessert! And no, we haven’t come across a drinking water tab in days.

November 4, 2011 – Somewhere past the Tropic of Cancer

Latitude: N 23°/ Longitude: W 16°/ Altitude: 87m

Ah, water! OK, it does a have bit of a sulfur smell to it and usually the camels drink from the through. But a bath is a bath…

Awake in the morning to a beautiful blanket of stars. And if you’re lucky you might just see a shooting star…

Outside world

Just be aware that the further South you get the more likely it is you’ll have land mines planted left and right off the road – no bush camping here!

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