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Markers for hiking path, Ramon Crater, Mitspe Ramon, Israel (2017-02-08)
Green Wadi Akev in the distance, Israel (2017-02-09)
Sunset at the crater edge, Ramon Crater, Mitspe Ramon, Israel (2017-02-08)
View into David Valley at Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Israel (2017-01-04)
Carola floating at Qerim Beach at the Dead Sea, Israel (2017-01-05)
Dead Sea view from the North Palace at Masada National Park, Israel (2017-01-03)
Fairground on the promenade in Eilat, Israel (2016-12-31)
Colorful Laundry drying over the yellow city of As-Salt, Jordan (2016-12-21)
Lamp at Al-Pasha Turkish bath, Amman, Jordan (2016-12-19)
Rainbow over the Dead Sea, Jordan (2016-12-22)