What are you thinking of when somebody says 'Christmas'? Christmas to me is first and foremost about food. I can easily do without presents. I'm not religious. And please leave me alone with cold and snow! But for some reason, I always start feeling Christmassy when I spend hours preparing food. So what better way of commemorating the festive season than by talking for the next few days about food (and drink) in Africa? I'll set the scene by telling you a bit about how I'll spend Christmas this year and what I did the year before.

The amazing Ghana dress We were fast approaching Christmas when we arrived in Kokrobite, Ghana. Packing I had been certain there couldn't possibly be a reason why I would need a dress in Africa. After all this was a dusty, muddy, sweaty expedition. T-shirts and zip-off pants would do perfectly fine. But Christmas was around the corner and my girly genes were yelling for prettiness.

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