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And then? Let’s get this question out of the way

cb 4 years ago

“And what are you going to do afterwards?” “And then you’ll go back working as a project manager?” “Do you think finding a job afterwards will be easy?” “Will you keep your room?” “Do you think that experience will help you to find a job?”

The question comes in different flavors but almost everyone I tell about my plans asks:  What will happen after the Walking Home trip?

My first instinct is usually to point out that every journey begins with the first step, and that I should take that one first before thinking about what happens after the last one.

But the truth is: The question is also running through my head. Since I neither have a fortune nor family that could help me out I have to work to make a living. However, turns out that for that I neither have to be in Berlin nor have to stay in one place at all. And one other thought: Lately I have found that life is not about the things you can buy. It’s about what you do. Simple, isn’t it.

So, how am I going to finance my doings? The plan is for the Walking Home Project not only to be a unique experience but also a kick starter to generate some income: via travel-b.com, travel reports, speaking engagements, maybe some trinkets. I do not think that that’s unrealistic. Many people make their passion a profession.

I am a traveler. Some days probably also a waitress or project manager, a writer or clerk. But what will happen after the trip is that: I’ll always be a traveler.




  1. Johnny ➔Next 2014-01-14

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked that I would be rich! Keep traveling and life will sort itself out. 🙂


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