Quotes: Jane Sherwood-Ace - Home wasn't built in a day

Five lessons life has taught me and proof that every experience had its worth

  • As a croupier at Casino Berlin I learnt that it’s sometimes not so good to cling to ideas, that I sometimes need to take a step back and look at myself from the outside to see that I am headed the wrong direction. There is always more than one truth.

  • At ONE I learnt that Africa is not a faraway, hostile country but a continent full of possibility. At the same time I learnt that possibilities have to be created and then used, too.

  • At mum I learnt patience and not to measure others by my own standards.

  • Travelling in Africa I learnt to trust the moment. I also learnt that the best intentions sometimes reap terrible results. But it doesn’t help to curse the gods for it. All I can do is get up every morning and try to accept what the day is giving.

  • Boxgirls taught me to not hide my light under the bushel. Because after all, if I don’t think I can do it no one else will.


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