African Trails group visiting Fes, Morocco (2011-10)

The joys of camping: Diamant Vert, Fes, Morocco


Where is it?

Latitude: N 33,9871500°/ Longitude: W 5,018177°/ Altitude: 481m

When did we stay there?

21 to 23 October, 2011 (2 night)

What can you expect?

The Diamant Vert campground is part of a larger complex with a giant pool, water slides, bungalows and a conference center.


Showers are cold but fairly clean. Just like the toilets. If you want to do your laundry in the washing machine you have to pay (40DH). The same applies if you want to use the sockets (20DH per day). The tab water is drinkable.

The pool, slides and restaurant are open to campers. There’s Wi-Fi in the pool area.

Bus number 17 stops just outside the campground. However you’ll have to ask at reception where exactly the stop is and when – approximately – the next bus is expected.

Outside world

Fes with it’s large medina is the main attraction. But you best get a guide to tour it.

And one other advice: don’t go for a walk outside the campground at night! If you’re lucky (or out of luck?) the police will stop you for fear of your safety and not let you move on until they find a ride back to the campground for you (which in my case led to 20 minutes walking, 10 minutes discussing, 45 minutes waiting for a ride and a 5 minute drive back to Diamant Vert…).

Do you have anything to add? Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know!

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