Paris in a squeeze, FR (2011-10)

Paris Hostels: Vintage Hostel and Budget Hotel


The Vintage Hostel in Paris’ romantic Montmartre quarter was a pleasant, however, not overwhelming experience, though I have to admit I saw only very little of it. At 24 Euro for 1 night it seems quite expensive but apparently: this is Paris! And included in the price is unlimited wireless as well as breakfast, and the baggage room is free also.

For my 24 Euro, I did get a 2-bed en suite. That was an upgrade from the 4-bed dorm I had actually booked. The room – including the bed – was very clean. And the almost private shower proved a nice change from the past nights in London.

The Vintage Hostel in Paris' romantic Montmartre quarter was a pleasant however not overwhelming experienceBreakfast is served in the common area right by the reception. That area also offers 2 PCs (you have to pay for) and a TV. There is a microwave to heat your own dinner which you can buy at the supermarket next door. But the neighborhood also offers tons of reasonably priced (in Paris measures) restaurants. I didn’t actually get to try the breakfast as I woke up too late. So can’t say much about it. Though I’d bet you getting a croissant and coffee from one of the many boulangeries and eating it in the park is much nicer…

I am not sure where the Vintage derived its name or the title ’boutique hostel’ from. Maybe it’s the cracked paint on some of the walls and ceilings. This effect might actually really be intended as in contrast to other places I’ve stayed at before I didn’t find any mold in the bathroom which is not bad for a building I’d estimate to be 100-something years old.

As for the audience: they seem to be almost exclusively backpackers, mostly from overseas.

My final verdict

I have heard horror stories about Paris hotels that charge you 60 Euro a night for a s*** hole. So this city is one where I’d strongly suggest you go to sites like and look at the reviews before you book. The reviews the Vintage Hostel received did stand my reality test.

Do you have anything to add? Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know!

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