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Gede Ruins pics

Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0288Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_5632Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_5633Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0290Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0291Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0293
Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_5635Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0294Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0297Outer WallGede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0300Mosque between the walls
Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0302Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0303Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0305Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0306East Gate of Inner WallGede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0309
Mosque of the Three IslesGede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0311Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0312Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0314Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0316Gede Ruins, Kenya - IMG_0319

The jungle still hasn’t fully succeeded in reclaiming this old Swahili town. But as it tightens its grip it forms some almost mystical structures. Wandering among those you learn unexpected things like that there once was a lively trade with China long before the Chinese started trading infrastructure for the continent’s minerals.

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