Sign for Berbere de la Montagne hotel restaurant, Morocco (2011-10)

The joys of camping: Berbere de la Montagne, Dades Gorge, Morocco


Where is it?

Latitude: N 31,557337°/ Longitude: W 5,910017°/ Altitude: 1745m

When did we stay there?

27 to 28 October, 2011 (1 night)

What can you expect?

Berbere de la Montagne is located in Dades Gorge.


The campground is fairly small as it seems to have been merely added to the existing hotel. The showers are hot (!), the restrooms Western and well taken care of. My highlight – as the mountainous terrain makes the nights quite chilly – was the lounge / restaurant room with its fireplace. There you could sit, have dinner and mint tea (or not), charge your laptop or camera batteries and enjoy proper heating (we’re sleeping in tents and were prepared for warmish African nights, mind you).

There’s no Wi-Fi.

The tab water is drinkable.

Outside world

The main attraction is clearly Dades Gorge. Todra Gorge, Quartazate and other Atlas Mountain highlights are within a couple of hours max. reach.

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