Couple in the sunset at Chebbi Erg dunes at the beginning of the Sahara desert, Morocco (2011-10)

The joys of camping: Bush camping (sort of) at the edge of Chebbi Erg, Morocco


Where is it?

Latitude: N 31,215693°/ Longitude: W 4,021785°/ Altitude: 776m

When did we stay there?

25 to 26 October, 2011 (1 night)

What can you expect?

While most of our group booked a camel ride into the high dunes along with dinner and an overnight stay in Berber tents some of us didn’t want to afford the 500DH and stayed behind. The camel trek operators were, however, kind enough to let us put our camp up on their property. Though they clearly thought we were crazy…


Showers are cold but clean. The tab water is drinkable. Naturally there’s no electricity or Wi-Fi.

Outside world

The camels were parked just outside our tents. That was fun. What felt like hundreds of tourists flocking in in their Range Rovers before sunset and sunrise to climb the dunes less so. Well, it was because two weeks into our expedition we felt like we were no longer tourists but adventurers who do no longer need air condition or heating during the night or warm and cozy beds…

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