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Fes – check!


October 23, 2011. Today’s the last day in Fes. I’ve taken tons of pictures and started half a dozen posts on all the things we’ve experienced in Morocco so far. So I hope by the time we leave the High Atlas Mountains end of next week I can actually post some of this. Till then I don’t expect much of an internet connection.
We’re getting more and more used to camp life: after two weeks we go to bed at 10 pm – the latest -, get up at 5 or 6 am; we sleep by the side of the road and look forward to even cold showers. Still almost everyone is sticking together. But it shows who’s really physically able to participate in our expedition and who’ll heavily rely on the others helping out. So the mountains will most likely put some strain on team spirit…


  • Beate

    Freue mich, Lebenszeichen von dir zu lesen! Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut und du gehörst zur ersten Gruppe der Teilnehmer. Davon bin ich überzeugt! Alles Liebe Schwester!!!

  • We are waiting for your next posts! Want to know more about your Moroccan experience!

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