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Crossing Europe – Turkey to Germany (pics)

cb 5 years ago
Bon Voyage in Freising, Germany - IMG_2655_v1Nikolay Konarev impressions - IMG_2609Nikolay Konarev impressions - IMG_2610Kusadasi sunset impressions, Turkey - IMG_2612Kusadasi sunset impressions, Turkey - IMG_2613Kusadasi sunset impressions, Turkey - IMG_2614
Kusadasi sunset impressions, Turkey - IMG_2615Kusadasi sunset impressions, Turkey - IMG_2616Kusadasi sunset impressions, Turkey - IMG_2617Kusadasi sunset impressions, Turkey - IMG_2618Samos impressions, Greece - IMG_2620Samos impressions, Greece - IMG_2621
Samos impressions, Greece - IMG_2622Samos impressions, Greece - IMG_2623Samos impressions, Greece - IMG_2624Samos impressions, Greece - IMG_2625Samos impressions, Greece - IMG_2626Sunset on the Mediterranean, Greece - IMG_2627
Sunset on the Mediterranean, Greece - IMG_2628Sunset on the Mediterranean, Greece - IMG_2629Sunset on the Mediterranean, Greece - IMG_2630Sunset on the Mediterranean, Greece - IMG_2631Sunset on the Mediterranean, Greece - IMG_2632Sunset on the Mediterranean, Greece - IMG_2633

One week to cross Europe from Eastern Turkey via Greece and Italy to Germany. This is the last Africa 360° set.

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