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Djenne pics

cb 6 years ago
Djenne impressions - IMG_0885_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0865_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0866_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0867_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0868_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0869_CR2
Djenne impressions - IMG_0870_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0871_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0872_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0873_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0874_CR2
Djenne impressions - IMG_0875_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0876_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0877_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0878_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0879_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0880_CR2
Djenne impressions - IMG_0881_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0882_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0883_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0886_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0887_CR2Djenne impressions - IMG_0888_CR2

2011-11-21 – Djenne, Mali, a set on Flickr.

Djenne has one of the oldest and largest mud mosques in the world. We went there for the Monday market which fills the narrow streets and the large square outside the mosque with even more life than usual.


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