Snow in Osieck, Poland (2013-04-04)

Hotel Pod Sosnami, Osieck


Osieck is a village about one hour outside Warsaw, with a very large Catholic church in the center and surrounded by forests. The Pod Sosnami is a classic conference hotel. However, you can book all kinds of nature adventures at the front desk: horse sleigh rides in the winter, fishing, and horseback riding. Since barely anyone speaks English (or German) pointing is the main means of communication with the very friendly and helpful staff.

The hotel has quite an interesting style mix of 80s/90s ugliness and stylish land house accents. Local art is on sale in the reception area. When I entered the building my room was in I was welcomed by the warm smell of a stable that emitted from a saddle and hay bale in the hall.

I stayed in room 7, a few steps from the main building, close to the building that houses the conference space and the restaurant.

The room is spacious double with tiny beds (low, narrow beds seem to be a Polish thing). Though a bit weathered everything was clean and working. But it was so very, very cold! I entered the room before dinner and it was barely warmer that outside where the snow was piling up. Since the hallway outside my room was halfway warm I expected the heater to solve the problem with one or two hours. To make a long story short: I ended up wearing socks and a sweater and using both duvets. Lucky me I didn’t have to share the room… And luckily there was a hot, strong shower.

The 3-course dinner I had was not so good. Especially the taste of the main and the dessert was artificial and unbearable. That was almost made up for by a lush breakfast buffet with cereals, cold cuts, eggs, fruits and pierogi (yum!). However, quite disappointingly the coffee was once again Nestlé powder.

There is a small bar in the main building and the WiFi is free, albeit quite weak.

Fireplace in the conference area  Dining room  Room number 7

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