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Learning Germany, pt.3: My guide to Berlin food


In this final installment of my little series on getting to know the Germany, we have to talk about Berlin food. And, sorry, no sauerkraut.

Update 22 February 2017: All of these spots are still open, and still some of my favorite eateries when I come home. 

Breakfast in Berlin

There are endless brunch options around Kastanienallee. I like the “An einem Sonntag im August” (‘On a Sunday in August’) near U-Bahn Eberswalder Strasse. They serve a lush brunch buffet for €5€5.50 during the week and €6€7.50 on weekends. The buffet offers different breads, cheeses and cold cuts along with cereals, yoghurt and fruits, and my favorite: Milchreis (that’s rice pudding but better to you anglophones). Drinks are extra and staff gets scared when they see a healthy six foot something guy walk in. But the buffet is replenished regularly until the afternoon.

Lunch in Berlin

Opt for currywurst – the Berlin way to have sausage. Again by U-Bahn Eberswalder Strasse, you can find Konnopke’s. They have been making currywurst for a hundred years and are that good that they close shop at 8 pm and don’t even open on Sundays. Order your currywurst (the name is derived from the curry powder on the sauce) with Pommes rot-weiss (fries with ketchup and mayonnaise) and Fassbrause (an herbal soda).
Alternatively head over to Kottbusser Tor for “Kotti’s Gemüsedöner”. Halloumi Dürüm. Yum!

Dinner in Berlin

If you haven’t gotten your fix of oriental cuisine for lunch it’s time for Babel on Kastanienallee. Starting from humus to wine leaves to baba ganough to the best meat dishes this Lebanese restaurant serves the best in Arabian/North African cooking.
If burgers are more your style check out “Frittiersalon” in Boxhagener Strasse. Organic ingredients, home made fries and sauces, and creative weekly specials. What more could you ask for?  Home made lemonade maybe. No problem, they have you covered, too.

Drinks in Berlin

Germany = Biergarten. So you might as well. The “Pratergarten” is my biergarten of choice in the Kastanienallee neighborhood. Just stay away from the food. It’s not good and too expensive.

Without a doubt there is much more to see in Berlin than I was able to show my friend in a few days. So if you have the time, stay for the summer and fall in love with the best city in the world.

A brief guide to Berlin food: My favorite spots for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Plus: Drinks & weekend brunch.


  • meghanramsey1

    Food is one of my favorite parts of visiting a city! I like the suggestion of oriental food in Berlin – I think that’s a very unique suggestion! Will save this for later!

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