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Quotes: JRR Tolkien - Not all who wander are lost

And then? Let’s get this question out of the way


“And what are you going to do afterwards?” “And then you’ll go back working as a project manager?” “Do you think finding a job afterwards will be easy?” “Will you keep your room?” “Do you think that experience will help you to find a job?”

The question comes in different flavors but almost everyone I tell about my plans asks:  What will happen after the Walking Home trip?

My first instinct is usually to point out that every journey begins with the first step, and that I should take that one first before thinking about what happens after the last one.

But the truth is: The question is also running through my head. Since I neither have a fortune nor family that could help me out I have to work to make a living. However, turns out that for that I neither have to be in Berlin nor have to stay in one place at all. And one other thought: Lately I have found that life is not about the things you can buy. It’s about what you do. Simple, isn’t it.

So, how am I going to finance my doings? The plan is for the Walking Home Project not only to be a unique experience but also a kick starter to generate some income: via, travel reports, speaking engagements, maybe some trinkets. I do not think that that’s unrealistic. Many people make their passion a profession.

I am a traveler. Some days probably also a waitress or project manager, a writer or clerk. But what will happen after the trip is that: I’ll always be a traveler.



  • Johnny ➔Next

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked that I would be rich! Keep traveling and life will sort itself out. 🙂

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