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I’m going to Timbuktu! (I think)


November 12, 2011. Yesterday we left the desert behind us and arrived in Bamako (at the hostel ‘The Sleeping Camel’ round the corner from the German embassy). We’ll get visas for the next 4 countries and after that – Insha’Allah – we may actually be able to make it happen and go to Timbuktu! Of course I wouldn’t do it alone (safety first!) and we’d be employing local guides. Fingers crossed – how cool would it be to say: ‘Yup, been to Timbuktu!’
Other than that I love cold showers, spent most of the day fixing my computer to be able to upload pics to flickr and will be going out to dance tonight.
I know I’ve promised before but since we should be staying here for a couple of days I’m determent to finally write a decent (that is informative) post about Ma-Ma-Ma.

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