Dorm bed Bednbudget Hannover, Hanover, Germany (2013-07)

Bed’nBudget Hostel Hanover – German engineering


I like the Bed’nBudget Hanover. Rarely have I seen such a well thought through dorm.

The Bed’nBudget is not just a hostel. Entering the premises on Hildesheimer Strasse 380 we first notice the old stone house with a typical German restaurant to the left. Signs point to the reception in a rather ordinary conference hotel straight ahead. To the right, beyond the generous parking lot we see a bright yellow two story building which I immediately make out as the hostel.

The ladies at the reception are just as nice to us that have booked 17.50 € dorm beds as they are to the guests in front of us who have booked a 89 € double. They give us the keys – old fashioned, heavy ones – and ask whether we’d also like to book breakfast with our stay. I find the 6 € price tag a bit hefty. But my sister points out that that there are not many alternatives around here. And the receptionist adds: ‘It’s a nice breakfast, too.’ So I give in.
We head over to our room. The yellow house is locked to prevent non-guests from entering.
The hall features a few couches, a small kitchen/bar and several fridges. It’s the hottest weekend of the year and our soda bottles love the fridges.
The house is buzzing with women in their early thirties. They, like us, came to town to see the Robbie Williams concert that night.

We find our dorm. I am scared: 30 beds in one room sound like not a lot of sleep. But there’s no alternative: the Bed’nBudget is the cheapest accommodation available in Hanover (not counting couch surfing).
There are two keys in our bunch. One to the building and the other one with a number. Beds have been pre-assigned to avoid confusion. Each bed comes with a locker. We see our lockers first.
What a pleasant surprise!
They are generous in size and boast big bad padlocks. Now that makes perfect sense to me.
Our beds are not far. They are like little cabins – self-contained islands. Each bed comes with a light, two outlets, shelf space and a curtain to give some privacy. On top bedding and towels are included. The way beds and lockers are set up it really doesn’t seem like there are 30 beds in the room. A feeling that will be confirmed at night when I sleep like a baby through the concert goers trickling back in.

My sister chooses the upper bunk leaving me with the lower one. We set ourselves up and sit on the terrace for a little snack.
Time to inspect the bathrooms. They are the hostel’s weak spot. Albeit clean there is only one toilet for girls and one for boys on the ground floor. The shower is shared with six showers in one large room and no curtains. I’m a sauna girl (the European kind where you get naked) and therefore don’t mind the lack of privacy. Since most of my female room mates do in the morning I don’t have to wait for a shower spot. A big minus is the non-existence of hooks to keep my towel and clothes dry.
At night getting to the concert and back is a breeze. There is a tram stop right outside the hostel. Within about 15 minutes we’re at the main train station in the center of town from where trains and trams go in every direction.
Next morning I meet my sister at breakfast. Breakfast is served from 6 to 10 in what looks like a ballroom. They have set up a large buffet in the middle of the room. On it I find everything and more I’d expect from a brunch: from eggs to breads and rolls to cheese, cold cuts and even fish to muesli and yoghurt to fruits and vegetables. Waiters walk around and distribute thermos with coffee on the tables. Good coffee. And there’s a selection of juices on another table. I decide that these are 6 € well spent.
So no wonder I like the Bed’nBudget and – if I ever find a reason to go to Hanover again – would go back anytime.

– WiFi is 5 € per 24h
– dinner can be taken in the restaurant or the Biergarten; if you’re on a budget head downtown to the main train station or Kroepke station for their food courts
– for a run or just some chilling there’s a large park that starts right behind the premises

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