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Even when you’re on the road and a lot of exciting new stuff is happening every day you shouldn’t lose sight of your overall financials.

  • Keep a list at least of your major expenses and where and when you use your credit card. There is some free software both for your computer or mobile and in the form of online platforms to do proper accounting. But a spreadsheet (or a notebook for that matter) will do the trick just as well.
  • If you’re not already using online banking start right now.
  • Many banks offer nifty tools to make online banking safe. My bank offers a USB stick which I can plug into any computer, and which will generate a TAN the moment I make a transaction. The stick itself is useless without my PIN to access the account. The PIN to my account is useless without the stick. It’s all about safety…
  • Check your bank accounts at least monthly for unusually bookings.
  • If you have a business, get an app for your phone to scan receipts and file them right away. That way if you lose the paper you don’t always lose the tax advantage.
  • Have copies of all your financial papers in a safe spot at home (and let someone close know where they are). I also like to keep scans of the papers in the cloud (think about security, though – no passwords, PINs or TANs, if you have a TAN list).
  • Think about insurance. You should insure your health as even a broken bone could easily knock you back a couple of thousand dollars. But what about your valuables? Do you have a fancy camera, phone or laptop?



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