April 05, 2012. There’s not much to do in Harare – the Small World is a lovely hostel, but really the only reason to spend 3 nights there was to get my Tanzania visa (mandatory if you want to enter the country via train I am told).
On Wednesday we left for Chinhoyi to see the magnificent caves there.
At the Small World I’ve met a fellow backpacker (though he prides himself in the fact that he’s travelling with a trolley) who happened to go in my direction. So after the caves we conquered Easter traffic on the minibusses to Kariba together: less than 200k in 6 hours.
Kariba is an African paradise. As I’m writing this an elephant is roaming behind the hut at Warthogs Lodge. And last night – which we spent just for a change in the old familiar 2x2m tent – hippos were grasing outside the door. Why did I ever bother to go on game drives in famous National Parks?
If all goes well I’ll jump on the Kariba ferry towards Vic Falls on Monday. But until my birthday I’ll enjoy a little more of paradise.

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