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Random Mali pics

cb 6 years ago
Cotton field, Mali - IMG_0721_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0708_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0710_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0711_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0713_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0714_CR2
Mali impressions - IMG_0715_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0717_CR2Cotton field, Mali - IMG_0720_CR2Cotton field, Mali - IMG_0722_CR2Cotton field, Mali - IMG_0723_CR2Bush camping in Mali - IMG_0817_CR2
Bush camping in Mali - IMG_0816_CR2Bush camping in Mali - IMG_0814_CR2Bush camping in Mali - IMG_0813_CR2Bush camping in Mali - IMG_0811_CR2Bush camping in Mali - IMG_0809_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0808_CR2
Mali impressions - IMG_0806_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0805_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0804_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0802_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0801_CR2Mali impressions - IMG_0800_CR2

2011-11 – Random Mali, a set on Flickr.

These are the Mali impressions that just happen along the way: the baobabs and cotton fields, the rivers and villages, the sunsets and all those things inbetween.

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