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Women looking in Angola (2012-02)

The countdown begins


June 07, 2012. Today this Africa trip is bound to take a turn for the more adventurous again. After getting used to have lots of choice when it came to bus services in Southern and Eastern Africa there is only one company that offers a bus to the Kenya – Ethiopia border town of Moyale. And the lack of competition is reflected in the vehicles used. So I embark on a 24h journey to the border followed by another almost 24h on the bus to Addis Ababa.
I have not only been able to secure the Sudan visa in Kampala, I also received my Ethiopia visa from the embassy here in Nairobi yesterday. The head of the consular section at the Egyptian embassy in Kampala furthermore guaranteed that I would receive a visa for his country at any border crossing. So that makes it official: Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and after that it’s back to Good Ol’ Europe.

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