The Nile river at sunset, Ethiopia (2012-06)

I see a river in my future


July 06, 2012. The river Nile has crossed my path a couple of times already on this journey. – Or should I say ‘I’ve crossed the Nile a couple of times already?’
I crossed the Victoria Lake which is source to the Nile, the Victoria Nile. I saw it again in Murchison Falls. And a little later as Albert Nile heading back to Kampala.
In Ethiopia I went through Blue Nile Gorge, saw the Blue Nile flow out of Lake Tana, and visited the Blue Nile Falls a few kilometers down in Tis Isat.
The Nile and I lost touch for the past few weeks. But that’s all forgotten now: With my arrival in Khartoum (or even a few hours South of town in Wadi Madani where the road crosses the White Nile) we met again and we won’t part again for at least two or three weeks.
On the journey from Khartoum to Wadi Halfa I will stop in Bagrawiya and Karima to see pyramids that might just outshine their famous siblings in Egypt. And after crossing Lake Nasser into Egypt on a ferry I will see whether that theory holds true when I visit Aswan, Luxor and finally Cairo.
The Nile and I shall only part when it joins the Mediterranean in Alexandria. Inshallah!


  • Michael Seymour

    Love your work Carola. May the Nile continue to treat both of us well. M.S. 🙂

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