Jumping antelope in Ngoro Ngoro National Park, Tanzania (2012-05)

Traveler’s delight


May 12, 2012. As a traveler it is always good to see that even the seemingly most impossible places can be done without a tour operator – and at a lower price. It was like that when we decided to visit Mount Kilimanjaro and today when we went to see one of Tanzania’s favorite National Parks, Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The Cradle of Mankind, Olduvai (Oldupai) Gorge, is one of the lesser know but still worthwhile attractions of the park. Most people come here for the incredible wealth of fauna in a very small space. I had visited once before on my first Africa visit but was nevertheless impressed all over again.
This time we made our way on public transport to Karatu just outside the park, found a driver / guide (mandatory) and some more travel companions to share the cost. End ended up spending less that 150 USD per head for the park. Feel free to compare this to any tour operator…
Next up is a big bit of driving: I’ll take another boat. This time the ferry will take me from Mwanza across Lake Victoria almost to the border of Uganda.

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