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Are you thinking about taking the bus from Vietnam to Laos? Here’s my account of the journey by bus from

Batu Caves is one of the top sights in Kuala Lumpur and just like the Petronas Twin Towers (aka KLCC)

I decided to take the boat from Siem Reap to Battambang. It was neither the cheapest nor the fastest option, but

If you google “Things to do in Brunei” one of the top results is bound to be the Ulu Temburong

After three months in Malaysia, and falling head over heels first for Langkawi, then for Penang and George Town and

After Dili, Pulau Atauro is the second most visited region of East Timor. The island sits just off the coast

Ban Gioc waterfall is only slowly appearing on the Western tourist’s map of things to visit in Vietnam. But this

Today, UNESCO World Heritage Site Ayutthaya is a sleepy town about 70 km north of Bangkok. But 250 years ago

In an effort to make it easier for you to assemble your Angkor itinerary, I have put together a list

The third part of my basic Mandalay itinerary - read about Mandalay (and how to plan your visit) here and

Dili, East Timor’s capital at the Northern coast is without a doubt the most-visited part of the country. It’s a

Traveling and even more so backpacking East Timor is more challenging than you’ll find it in most other destinations in

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There are two main reasons to visit Bethlehem these days -- Christian religion and street art religion. Every year around Christmas, between

I wanted to visit Jericho because it would take me away from the cold rain in the mountains of Jerusalem

One of the must-do experiences in Israel is a bath in the Dead Sea. You can book a tour from

I had arrived in Amman with rain pouring and temperatures hovering below 10°C. My large hotel room unimpressed with a

I have received a bunch of questions about this one. So here's a quick write-up about how to cross the

Ein Gedi (also: En Gedi) is Israel's biggest oasis. Set between the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert, it has

Are you planning your once-in-a-lifetime Petra trip and are wondering where to stay in Jordan? Accommodation between Amman and Aqaba

In Madaba, I met a brother-and-sister hiking duo that had spent the past week walking (unguided) from Dana to Petra.

I went to Nazareth twice: The first time, it was mid-December, I had to spend a night there to catch

When I flew to Israel, it was with the intention to also jump across the border into Jordan to finally

The Sea of Galilee -- aka Lake Galilee, Lake Tiberias, Kineret, and Lake of Gennesaret -- is part of the Jordan

So you are dreaming of going to Petra but don't really know what else there is to do in Jordan? Here's

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This October I got the opportunity to work for almost two weeks in a grape picking job in the stunning

Nothing ever happens in Montenegro.' What makes young Montenegrins despair is a lucky circumstance for visitors. Most of the people we've

Croatia's public transport is well adapted to the needs of almost any type of traveler. There are half a dozen

After one year of traveling through Italy--from Rome to Basilicata, Puglia, and Sicily in the South to Tuscany and North--it

A visit to Skadar Lake is not complete without a visit to Nenad and his older twin Predrag. Their father

The best way to enjoy Budva, Montenegro, is to find a place in or just outside the old town, spend

The imposing Klis Fortress - Tvrdava Klis in Croatian - caught my eye on the way from Zadar to Split.

My opinion on this one is about as split as it gets: on the one hand the unbeatable price and

A comprehensive guide for 24 h (or more) in Kotor Bay: How to get there & around, what to see,

Lovcen National Park is one of five National Parks in tiny Montenegro. On the summit of Mount Lovcen, the second highest

In honor of my visit to Siena, which ends today, here is an emotional video about Il Palio, the ancient

I touched down in Pisa mid-July. The flight from Bordeaux was cheaper than into anywhere else in Italy. I was

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Here's a look back into my travel diaries: In 2012, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the gorillas in

The tour is booked! Here's my thought process on why in the end I decided to go with African Trails

This is the story of the Falafel Man, a humble man selling the most delicious falafel I've ever tasted in

2012-02-02 - Mvog Betsi Zoo, Yaounde, Cameroon, a set on Flickr. Mvog Betsi to me seemed like an extremely sad place.

Where is it? Latitude: N 35,175980°/ Longitude: W 5,267086°/ Altitude: 763m When did we stay there? 15 to 16 October, 2011 (1

Tropical Africa is full of exotic fruits. So the idea of serving fresh fruit juice to me was fairly obvious.

I remember the first meal I cooked for the truck group. For some reason, we had decided to have fish.

I am German which is usually a very cool citizenship to have. Traveling in Europe is a breeze and most

2012-11-22 to 24 - Cruising on the Niger from Mopti to Timbuktu, Mali, a set on Flickr. We slept on the

2011-11-16/17 - Spit roast at the Sleeping Camel in Bamako, Mali, a set on Flickr. Due to diverse visa applications our

Where is it? Latitude: N 33,930014°/ Longitude: W 6,953782°/ Altitude: 86m When did we stay there? 19 to 20 October, 2011 (1

Part 1 of my journey through Sudan left off with me getting all the paperwork done to be legally allowed

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