View of Cape Town from Table Mountain, South Africa (2012-03)

See you later, Cape Town


March 19, 2012. After a exciting – and expensive – week I’m leaving Cape Town hoping to return one day with more time (and money…).

I did some of the usual tourist activities: took the cable car up to Table Mountain, dived with the Great Whites and then had a closer look at sharks at the Two Oceans Aquarium. But mostly I used the time to do all the things I haven’t had much time or opportunity to do in the past 5 months: party (hard), hang out, organize my photographs, work on the blog, shop (I have a smartphone now…); I said good-bye to some friends made on the truck and made new friends – which in Cape Town seems remarkably easy.

The part of the journey which starts now is both thrilling and scary. Now I have to find my bed, organize my transport. The route isn’t set in stone, yet, but I plan to go up the South African coast to Durban, then take the train to Jo’Burg; from there it’s Zimbabwe, via Vic Falls to Zambia, travelling on Lake Tanganyika to Tanzania, Zanzibar, and finally Nairobi where I might return to the truck. One day at a time.

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