Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria (2012-02)

At the Sheraton Abuja


January 21, 2012. After wonderful holidays in Ghana we’ve made our way through Togo and Benin to Nigeria, or rather straight to Abuja.

In Abuja we’re staying at the Sheraton Hotel (of course). But seriously: seems like the only good place to camp around here is the soccer field of the Sheraton – go figure!

Though all the people we’ve met so far  in Nigeria have all been very friendly to us (there are even posters on the streets of Abuja calling for safe driving for ‘tourism is life’…) the situation could possibly change any moment so we’ve opted out of travelling more of the country and will head for Cameroon once we get our visas. It’s a pity but all the more reason to come back some day.

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